Cid Botanicals superfood packaging

This project is about the packaging I designed for a new product for a health and wellness company. The client wanted to make emphasis in the fact that the fruits and berries they use came from the Andes Region (South America) and that this type of food was consumed by the Incas and other ancient civilizations from the region due to all the nutritious benefits they posses. The product was meant to be sold in the USA, which meant that the packaging had to be carefully designed to effectively communicate what the client wanted. To achieve this I researched whatever visual material I could find from the many cultures that lived in the Andes highlands, specially from the Inca culture due to the fact that they had such a strong presence in the area as well as being one of the few well known South American cultures in the USA.

The used typographies, the illustrations, the graphic elements and the color palette were thought and designed to give a unique style and personality to each package, achieving what the client needed to communicate through an eye-catching product.

Unfortunately, this project saw the light of day.



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